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Johnsons Baby Powder - Blossom

Product Posted By Su Kim     January 7, 2013     2,262 views     0 likes     0 comments
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Keeping your baby clean and hygienic will keep them in a happy, playful and friendly mood for the entire day. Applying a fresh and pleasant powder to the baby’s body will keep them sweat-free and smelling good for the day. The Johnsons Baby Powder is a Delicately Scented Powder, which you can dab over your baby’s body after giving a nice shower to them. This powder is made to have Long-Lasting Fragrance so that the baby remains fresh and smells pleasantly throughout the day. The high-end properties of this Johnsons Baby Powder protect the baby’s skin and sterilize it. This powder is made to be Hypoallergenic so that it does not cause any side-effects to the baby’s body. Dermatologically and Allergy Tested, this powder keeps the baby’s skin soft and smooth and can conveniently be used for both girls and boys.

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