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  • Description : Before you will discover how to protect yourself from the flu, you need to know what is the flu, when and how it is triggered.



    Before you will discover how to protect yourself from the flu, you need to know what is the flu, when and how it is triggered.

    Influenza is an acute infectious disease of the respiratory tract, the disease is very contagious, caused by the influenza A or B virus and which can be manifested in epidemics, outbreaks of varying severity.

    From November till March is a period of the year in which there is an increase of the frequency of influenza infection. There is no doubt, homecare service is very requested then because professional doctors and high-equipped laboratory will support the process of recovery.

    The flu is transmitted from person to person by the respiratory route, through droplets of saliva when coughing, sneezing, talking. The patient may be infectious 1-2 days before the manifestation of the disease in him and 4-5 days after the disease.

    We prepared some effective advice on how to protect yourself from the flu:

    1. Avoid crowded places and contacts with patients;
    2. Wash hands often;
    3. Isolation of the patient in a separate room, sufficiently light and warm, where the air temperature should be 24 ° C - 26 ° C;
    4. Use of ordinary handkerchiefs or hygienic when coughing or sneezing;
    5. Ventilation of premises or offices, while maintaining the temperature of 18 ° C - 20 ° C;
    6. Do not send sick children to kindergartens or schools, but leave them at home and call a doctor. Home care in Montreal treat not only adults but also children. Doctors have a special qualification and know how to cope with them.
    7. An effective method, how to protect yourself from the flu, is the active immunization of children and the elderly through vaccination. The vaccine takes about 14 days to provide better protection against the flu. The vaccine cannot be used if a person is allergic to the active substances of the vaccine, to one of the excipients, to eggs and chicken protein, to neomycin. The World Health Organization develops influenza vaccines every year based on information gathered from 83 countries. Immunization should be repeated every year using new influenza vaccines. Moreover, Specialists of the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) believe that must be vaccinated:
    children older than six months;
    pregnant women;
    people over 65;
    people with chronic diseases like diabetes, asthma, heart disease, lungs, nervous system, kidneys, liver, and others;

          8. Do not touch the mouth, eyes, and nose of the patient;
          9. Moisten the air with the help of water tanks left on the radiators.

    Many people confuse the flu with a cold, not taking into account the serious consequences that this respiratory infection can give. The flu differs from the common cold with such basic symptoms: fever with chills, cough, severe headache (cephalea), severe fatigue and asthenia;

    Good advice on how to protect yourself from the flu is provided by cooks, and doctors confirm that chicken soup reduces the process of inflammation twice, calms coughing, sneezing and discharge from the nose.