geniwit The Many Beautiful Colors of the Pearls

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  • Description : There are many colors of pearls as well as a variety of quality.


  • There are many colors of pearls as well as a variety of quality. It depends on whether that were naturally grown or grown on large pearl farms as well as the water they were grown in.
    Pearl colors
    The colors of pearls are natural or cultured pearls and occur in a broad range of colors and hues. There are the warm hues including:
    • Orange
    • Pink
    • Yellow
    And the cool hues like:
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Violet
    They also have a wide range to tones from light to dark. Pearl colors are inclined to be muted, with a soft or understated quality.
    White pearls
    White pearls are usually the color that most people know of pearls. The white pearls with the best quality are usually the beautiful white Akoya or the white pearls from the South Sea and are loved by almost everyone because of their elegance and refined look.
    But the world of pearls is also filled with color as listed above and every color in between. There is a lot more to pearls than the white ones that your mother or grandmother wore. The use of treatments and dyes let any color develop in cultured pearl colors.
    Overtones of White
    But there are also common overtones of rose, cream or ivory and silver which is a true bright white pearl.
    Brides favor wearing white pearls because they have the symbolic meaning of:
    • Innocence
    • Purity
    • And new beginnings
    Black pearls
    Yes, there are black pearls from the Tahitian black pearls in French Polynesia, and Mexico has the only places that are natural cultured black pearls. There are other pearls such as the Black Freshwater and Black Akoya pearls normally color-treated to reach their darkest hues.
    More common hue for black pearls
    The most common pallor for black pearls arePeacock which is a mixture of Gold, Green, and Rose), Silver, Rose, Copper, Green, Blue-Green, and Aquamarine, with the intensity of the colors and hues will vary vividly.
    Golden pearls
    Some of the rarest and largest cultured pearl are the pearls that are gold that come from the lagoons in the tropically regions and the islands of Philippine as well as Australia can range from the Champagne that is pale to intense 24k hue golden colors. This color has just currently become popular.