geniwit How to Mastering a Song - Learn in 4 Easy Steps

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  • Description : Mastering a Song is not an easy job. You need to learn some techniques and follow few tips to offer CD Mastering Services. Learn here how to mastering a song like a pro.


  • Mastering a song comes under post audio production service. This service refers the process of arranging and transferring a recorded audio piece to a data storing device. In simple word, sound mastering means taking an audio mix and then prepare it for distribution.

    How to Mastering a Song Like a Pro
    In the below 4 steps you will come to know the process of mastering a song. At the end of the tutorial, you can also master your own song. The job is not that tough as it seems, all you need is patience and passion for offering professional audio mastering services.
    • Step 1 - Learn to Listen like a Sound Engineer: A professional sound engineer can make the quality better of a music. But it is also true that he cannot add something that is lacking from the audio file. A sound engineer cannot add fidelity, impact, drama, clarity, expression or feelings to a typical piece of music. So the first thing you need to learn, how to go back and find the original piece of music. And then start taking the necessary steps for the enhancement of the mix.
    • Step 2 - Analysis the Music: Do not just listen to the music, you are going to master. Try to analysis the song carefully. Based on your analysis, finds out what the music needs. You can also take a second opinion. For diagnosing a piece of music, starts with the audio structure, movement, tonality and balance. Analysing an audio piece is the trickiest part of audio mastering. But do not worry; you will learn it automatically over time and practice.
    • Step 3 - Process the Audio: Once you have analysed the song successfully, next step comes processing it. Mastering and mix engineer both executives use the same tools such as compression and EQ (equalization). The only difference is how they use it. Let me elaborate this point a little. A mix engineer will use EQ to carve some part of the track and removing background noise. But, a mastering engineer will use the same tool for border change and make the song a little gentler.
    • Step 4 - Finish the Job in Style: After all the process gets done, apply fade in and fade out wherever is needed. This is a creative job, and you have to do this according to your best practice of audio mastering. In this case, you can also ask for a second opinion. At the last stage, you can also look at setting the tone and loudness. Always remember, any song can be louder. But it absolutely depends on you, how you set the loudness of an audio. Well, it totally depends on the musicality of an audio. For example set the loudness lower for a soft romantic track and higher for rock or metal song.
    Bottom Lines:
    So this is how audio mastering is done. Once you think you are doing well, you can also offer CD Mastering Services to clients. For any question about audio mastering, feel free to contact us.